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Conference committee

Who are we?

In 2017, the idea was born to organize an innovative conference, joining together all specialties involved in the general care of the critically ill patient. Annemarie van der Velden, Emergency physician and initiator, has looked for like-minded colleagues from anesthesia, intensive care and acute medicine. Together they formed a team that is focused on exchanging experiences and promoting cooperation. The 2019 edition was very successful at bringing specialties together and stimulating exchange of knowledge and excellence (check out this link for the 2019 aftermovie and video’s).

After 2019, we have worked hard on a new team. To ensure we keep in touch with new ideas, we have welcomed new colleagues in our committee. ResusNL 2022 – Breathe.

In 2024 we are organizing the 3rd multidisciplinary resuscitation conference SHOCKED.

We would like to welcome you to Amersfoort and share ideas, skills and ambitions on resuscitation!

  • Getting the basics right
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Exchanging knowledge & skills
  • Short & inspirational speeches
  • Innovative ideas

Nicolas Schroten


I have worked in the Intensive Care department of both small peripheral hospitals and large academic hospitals. The number and type of patients differ, the treatments differ, the tools and teams differ, but there is one certainty, treatment of the critically ill patient is always a team effort. Often you need the skills of more than one team member, but how can you optimally use your team’s skills? Especially when working under pressure, often outside the intensive care, with a team that changes all the time. The complexity of the critically ill patient and team dynamics make working as an intensivist a great challenge. I have a special interest in the development of serious games, because you need to understand the cascade of how one decision affects the other and how our brain works. What I love about ResusNL is that it adds an extra dimension to medicine and physiology.

Louise van Galen

Resident internal medicine
During my still young career my passion has always been the bedside care of the acutely ill patient. In medicine we often focus on the numbers and the disease, and we forget the patient. Safe healthcare consists of personalized attention to patient and disease. Communication and addressing wellbeing is of key importance. Acute care is often the first point of care and therefore a broad and accurate scope is needed. Physicians in the front line are the ones suited to fulfill this difficult task and therefore I am honored to be part of RESUS 2023 to make a program that focuses on them and with this improves their patient’s journey. I hope to see you all to learn from each other in an inspiring environment.

Caspar Müller

Anesthesiologist HEMS Physician

For me, the best part of working in a critical care setting is working together with all the different teammembers to deliver time critical patient care. It is also a great honour to be part of this conference committee. I believe we have jointly come up with a truly unique multinational multidisciplinary event.

Hilde Wesselius


An important reason my heart lies with acute internal care, is the continuous teamwork with different physicians and other health care workers to realize the best possible patient care. In my view, creating mutual understanding, respect and connection are essential to overcome barriers between medical specialties. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to join the ResusNL crew. I’m convinced your knowledge, skill’s and insides will be enriched after edition 2022, and you will get back to work being an even better team player!

Vicky Goldfinger

Emergency Physician

During my Emergency Medicine residency in a large academic hospital I experienced the benefits and challenges of working together in a large multidisciplinary team.

Every critically ill patient that enters our Emergency Department deserves that most optimal care. Every day we learn to understand each other’s point of view better. Meeting each other at conferences like ResusNL gives us a change to improve our team efforts in our daily work.

I feel proud to be part of the 2024 ResusNL crew and hope to meet you in Amersfoort! 

Pim de Ruijter

Since the start of my medical education I have been interested in emergency and critical care medicine. I participated in organizing and teaching first aid courses for medical students and for the Netherlands Red Cross and I’m founder of the Dutch Standards for Mass Gathering Medicine (Veldnorm Evenementenzorg). I specialized in (emergency) anesthesiology and intensive care. Critical care medicine is for me all about working in multidisciplinary teams delivering state of the art medicine for the sickest patients.

Niki Ottenhof


I find a lot of joy in my work as an anesthesiologist. However, when I get involved with critically injured patient and I am able to make a difference, that’s where my heart lies. When minutes are sparse and it is crucial to make the right choices, when a well balanced team performes fluidly by communicating in the most efficient way, when the life of the patient is literally on the line, that is when I feel the most in touch with my craft. In order to optimise critical care, it is absolutely necessary to work together. To understand what each person brings to the table. ResusNL brings specialist from different sides of the critical care spectrum together and enhances collaborations. Therefore, I am honored to be part of the ResusNL team and I trust that we will build a informative and exiting program.


Prodentfabriek, Amersfoort