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Programme January 2019

Videos will be added regularly

Day 1

January 10, 2019

Opening ceremony and speech
Part 1: Prehospital Resus
A call for resuscitation
Freddy Lippert
Make an impact after the impact
Mark Wilson
Prehospital resuscitation: a team sport
Tom Evens
Part 2: ED Resus
This patient needs a tube! Right?
Hans Huitink
This patient needs oxygen! Right?
Rachel Choit
This patient needs fluids! Right?
Hans Avis
Part 3: All-you-can-eat skills
All-you-can-eat skills
Part 4: Excellent Resus
Training excellent resuscitationists
Reinier Hoff
I am excellent
Iscander Maissan
Making your team excellent
Christopher Hicks
Close of day 1
To the bar… DrinksNL
DinnerNL and PartyNL

Day 2

January 11, 2019

Part 5: No resus without…
Patricia Gerritsen
Differential diagnosis!
Simon McCormick
Cognitive aids!
Larry Chu
Part 6: ICU Resus
Completing resuscitation
Hans van der Hoeven
The ABC of early rehabilitation in ICU
Mark van den Boogaard
Regaining an everyday life
Monika Kerckhoffs
Part 7: workshops
First workshop session
Second workshop session


  • Antibiotic Life Support – using antibiotics to save your patients
    Lennie Derde
    Room 6.3 – Singelzaal
  • Clinical Decision Making – how can we teach expert thinking
    Simon McCormick
    Room 6.4 – Herenzaal
  • Does your patient want to be resuscitated? – how and when to talk to your patient and family about resuscitation
    Yvo Smulders
    Room 6.5 – Keizerzaal
  • Next step in CRM – getting teamwork in the culture of your organization
    Aart Ketelaar, Alex Wilbrink, Sietze Ketelaar, Timo de Raad
    Room 6.6 – Prinsenzaal
  • Getting oxygen in the lungs – challenging airway cases
    Hans Huitink, Iscander Maissan, Patricia Gerritsen
    Room OBA Forum
Part 8: From now on
Never stop improving
Anne Weaver
I’ll tell you why
Special guest speaker
Good bye drinks

We focus on improving resuscitation by

Getting the basics right

Multidisciplinary teamwork

Exchanging knowledge & skills

Short & inspirational speeches

Innovative ideas

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