Speakers ResusNL 2022


We’re very busy planning the definitive programme. 

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  • How does the physiology of breathing work?
  • How can we measure it?
  • How does our breathing adapt to extreme circumstances?
This, and many more questions will be addressed at our conference, aimed to provide the best care for our patient, by innovation, excellence and teamwork.

Susan Wilcox

Susan is an Emergency Medicine-Critical Care physician with interests in mechanical ventilation, pulmonary hypertension, and critical care transport. In her session, the physiological adaptation in patients with pulmonary conditions will be discussed. Susan Wilcox is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Leo Heunks

Ingvar Berg

Robert Weenink

Robert Weenink works as a military anesthesiologist in the Amsterdam UMC. Besides his clinical work as a general anesthesiologist with a special interest in emergency anesthesiology, he is specifically engaged in patient care and research in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for instance in diving casualties. His PhD thesis was on cerebral arterial gas embolism and he is currently leading several research projects into this disease.

Liz Crowe

Liz is an Advanced Clinician Social Worker who has worked extensively for 20 years with individuals and families impacted by grief, loss, trauma, crisis and bereavement. She is currently a PhD Candidate with the School of Medicine, The University of Queensland. The focus of her research is Staff Wellbeing in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Her session will focus on how we can we take care of ourselves, and of our patients in the best way.

Ross Fisher

Ross is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK. His specialist interests are Oncological Surgery and Trauma Management. Ross has a strong interest in Medical Education and presentation skills. If we want to share our knowledge and improve our skills, we also need excellent presentation skills. If you want the best insights on this topic, be there because Ross Fisher will share his insights!

Femke Gresnigt

Femke Gresnigt works as an emergency physician at OLVG hospital in Amsterdam since 2012, which is a toxicology center of experitise, where she is the president of the toxicology committee. Since february 2020 she also works as a toxicology consultant at the Dutch poisons information center. She is currently finishing a masters degree in medical toxicology, finished the TAPNA medical toxicology course and is working on a PhD, investigating acute cardiovascular complications of recreational drugs. She is the president of the medical intoxication forum (GIF), the DEMS toxicology section (from january 2022) and is the (co-)developer and teacher for the DEMS toxicology course, the MD-Tox course, and the SimToxNL and SimToxOLVG courses. Together with Expertcollege she is developing a toxicology elearning that will hopefully be available soon.

Margo van Mol

Dr. Margo van Mol has worked in the ICU for almost 30 years as a clinical nurse (registered). She holds an MSc in Health Psychology and epidemiology. Margo currently undertakes a post-doc fellowship in the ICU of Erasmus MC, an academic hospital in Rotterdam. Her research interests focus on the emotional impact of the ICU on patients and their relatives and the wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

Tommaso Scquizzato

Tommaso Scquizzato is a researcher in the fields of cardiac arrest and resuscitation science at the Center for Intensive Care and Anesthesiology of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy. His areas of interest are resuscitation, cardiac arrest, pre-hospital emergency medicine, and medical technology. He has mainly published about out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, in particular how to improve survival by alerting citizens through mobile apps, and the use of technology in emergency and critical care medicine, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and extracorporeal life support. In 2021, he was named among the 40 Under 40 for Cardiac Arrest by the Citizen’s CPR Foundation (USA). He is the Social Media Editor of Resuscitation, member of the Social Media Working Group of ILCOR, and member of the ERC BLS Science and Education Committee. He is also a software developer skilled in designing and developing mobile apps. He is active on social media, you can find him on Twitter (@tscquizzato), Facebook, and Instagram (@resuslab).

Please contact Interactie Opleidingen for information. mail@resusnl.com

  • 6-7 October 2022
  • Hotel Wings, Rotterdam

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