Speakers ResusNL 2022

Spreakers will be announced soon

We’re very busy planning the definitive programme. So far, we can confirm Susan Wilcox, Leo Heunks, Ingvar Berg, Marlies Schijven will join us for ResusNL2022 – Breathe.

More information will follow soon on this website, and through twitter/Linkedin.

  • How does the physiology of breathing work?
  • How can we measure it?
  • How does our breathing adapt to extreme circumstances?
This, and many more questions will be addressed at our conference, aimed to provide the best care for our patient, by innovation, excellence and teamwork.

Susan Wilcox

Leo Heunks

Ingvar Berg

Marlies Schijven

Please contact Interactie Opleidingen for information. mail@resusnl.com